Employment Title + Service Fee

Company pays extra incentives up to $25 for Star Top Performers ONLY(this is our way showing appreciation), varies by clients servicing . You will be hired as a 1099 contractor responsible for self-learning certification course (virtual online).  After 90 days review if certified, company will reimbursed fee up to $15. If hire you as salary employee, fee per pay will be $55 deducted. You are provided a company pay card (1099 or salary) & professional email. Connected to our workplace chat & and we provided ongoing 1:1 performance sessions & new hire training class with onboarding packet.

Get Results


85%. That’s Arise average network utilization (how much time is spent directly with customers) when engaged with clients. The industry average is 65%. The Arise platform is inherently more efficient, and that translates into significant cost savings for you. In fact, in most cases Arise saves clients 25% over traditional customer service solutions.

Cash flow expense Network Charge

Company: $45 per week for any charge backs that may affect the company.  Depending on circumstances on agent there will be additional cost of $20 on program failure non- completeness (If company has to pay) Hired on as a 1099 contractor and fee per pay $37.50-We provide you accessibility to be able to have the opportunity to work from home, that isn't available to anyone. by providing you with Fortune 500 top companies like Staples; E bay; Sears; Walgreen's; Disney; Carnival; Comcast; Home Depot; TXU; Road America; Agero; International Interval; Airbnb; Nespresso; Enterprise; etc

Clients Pricing varies:$ 19- $299 again depending on the client , we investing our money to work from home with top clients in the industry.

Charitable giving

We like to show our appreciation to our hard working independent contractors  and employees, by rewarding raffles or buying a gift depend on the reward.